Arrangements 2021-2022

Inner Bird by Igal Myrtenbaum (2018) arr. for alto saxophone and attached percussion (2022)

This arrangement was born out of necessity and as an act of defiance. I needed another piece for my solo show, based on the CPA project, and as a “friendly revenge” to Igal, who’s, despite my explicit request to write me a solo piece, written a duo for alto saxophone and drum set.

More technically speaking, this text was originally for a duo of a drum set and alto sax, and as I was playing it in its original form, I kept reflecting on how can I connect to the drum’s sound. Can these two very different sounds ever merge and reshape each other?

Thanks to this new arrangement, my preposition has changed, and I can now ask the contrar-question: “How rich, diverse, and distinct sound worlds can create by myself, taking into account one would be “sax” and the other “drum”?

As the quest developed, I found wonderful new sounds, thanks to the use of my legs – new playing dynamics and, eventually, new and interesting ways to merge these sounds into new sound ideas.

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