New works 2021-2022

Millimetrim for soprano saxophone and electronics

In the piece “Millimeters for soprano saxophone and electronics,” various and continuous dialogues are exposed between the saxophone and itself. In music, as in language, the letters connect to words that become a sentence, and they hold a certain content, seeking to present something, express it, or perhaps tell a story that remains suspended in thoughts and resonates like a distant memory. While searching for this text inside the saxophone’s ongoing dialogue, and at the same time getting lost in its infinite sonic possibilities, I found myself roving among the abstract sounds; a new and lush world opened up to me, an unstable language that over time formed ulterior dialogue between stability and fragility. Referring to this new body created while working with Jonathan, I sought to combine these two dimensions by creating the fusion and thus rebuild my language, an adventure that has kept me in suspense and especially anticipation to discover new dimensions of the saxophone and music. 


Premiered at Festival dei Giardini della Filarmonica, Rome 19/06/2022
Recorded at St.Jonhann Church, Konstanz 19/08/2022
Saxophone soprano, Recording and mastering - Jonathan Chazan

“Millimetrim” emerges from hundreds of immensely rich and detailed micro-gestures, each forming almost an independent ecosystem, sometimes cooperating willingly with its neighbours, and in other cases, independent and estrange, whose nature and context are revealed only after much attention, multiple listening, and a broad context. 

This marvellous text took me on a ride which redefined prior assumptions of playing aesthetics, self-listening, and structure. In other words, the focus in which I play, feel my playing, and the way the musical language unfolds. It was not a short or easy process, yet highly gratifying.

I thank you, Rachel, for this vital addition to the instrumental repertoire, and I wish listeners and future performers a wonderful experience.