I was born in 1983 in Buenos Aires, moving to Israel at age 6, then we settled at Deganya A’ where I absorbed Hebrew, Zionism, and ethos.

after one year, when I started schooling, I asked to learn piano; unfortunately, the culture-commissar of the kibbutz did not allow it since “it is too demanding of an instrument for children.” So I waited until I got to 2nd grade and asked again, and once again, I was rejected; I waited until I got to 3rd grade and asked again, so they understood I’m serious about it and allowed me to study organ…

Two and a half years I study the organ before they allowed me to switch to the piano; then, I had two piano lessons if it and announced that I wish to retire from music-making.

After two months I was retired of music the same culture-commissar approached my parents asking me to carry on my studies since the music lessons are paid yearly, and I’m quite gifted. so I asked:

  • “What else can be studied?”
  • “Wind instruments.”
  • “Which wind instruments?”
  • “Trumpet or Saxophone.”

I considered it for few seconds, I knew absolutely nothing about the saxophone and the trumpet sounded to me like a shiny show-off instrument, so I said:

  • “saxophone!”

Slowly but surely, I fell in love with my choice, and in few years, it would fill my mind and became the center of my life, actually to this day.

I could speak now about the chronology of my actions or mentionable points which others may appreciate; still, the things I truly cherish are the moments of magic and elevation that have been and are now gone. 

I absolutely do not say that my actions are enchanted; it’s even worse, since most of the time, there is no real difference between me and a skilled technocrat or a quack, still around and for this spell, my actions and intentions are tuned.