My life orbits around three central passions: music, innovation, and community.

At the tender age of ten, music embraced me, captivating me not only with its melodies and sensual experience but also with its boundless avenues of exploration – from technical mastery to historical richness, mathematical and structural beauty, and the ephemeral nature of its essence, delicately suspended by a thread.

Stepping into my twenties, I found myself drawn to new music and later to the transformative power of music technology. These realms opened doors to uncharted territories where I felt most at home, navigating challenges with zeal and curiosity.

Believing that individualism and inner growth are essential for a healthy and vibrant society, I dedicated nearly two decades to the dual role of an interpreter and collaborator with composers, alongside teaching. This enriching experience deepened my understanding of music and strengthened my connections with those around me.

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards integrating my passions into cohesive initiatives.

The Spectrasax research initiative fosters collaboration among musicians and researchers, paving the way for new avenues of creativity and understanding.

Through the Organophone project, I’ve pushed the boundaries of traditional saxophone performance, captivating audiences with immersive, family-friendly experiences and exploring new aesthetics and technologies.

Furthermore, the OOTO new-music series I curate, the lectures, and workshops by guest artists and mine serve as a bridge, connecting artistic visions, journeys, and sounds.

In essence, my journey is a testament to the profound impact of music, innovation, and community – three interwoven threads that continue to shape and define my life’s path.