Composer - Player - Audience

Per Aequa et Iniqua
for saxophone octet:
2 sopranos, 2 altos,
2 tenors & 2 baritones.

The completion of this work was enabled thanks to the assistance of saxophonist Jonatha Chazan. I am extremely privileged to have had an inspiring musical process working with him, and I am thankful for his remarks. 

Igal Myrtenbaum

Per Aequa et iniqua, saxophone octet by Igal myrtenbaum (2018)

When we started to work together on (another) new piece, Igal asked me to play, record, and send him all sorts of trills and rapid passages on different saxophones. I could not figure out the reason behind it, but I already learned that with Igal, it’s better to ask less and trust more. A few days later, phrases arrived, and then parts. Suddenly, I realized that an octet has emerged. We were blessed. We recorded them too, and then the piece flew with Igal to New-England conservatory for its premier. And Israel premiere still awaits.