Composer - Player - Audience

A show for a saxophone player, narrator, and audience.

When Jonathan approached me about three years ago asking to write a new piece for his “Composer – Player – Audience” project, I immediately said yes. The concept of mixing and blending these elements, which are mostly entirely segregated, interested me greatly.

So we met weekly at the studio, devising Ideas and mostly discarding them. Then Suddenly, as it happens when it does, a big idea emerged… grand idea: I asked Jonathan: what would you say about creating together a kind of “Centre Pompidou of music,” namely a piece which invites the audience into the studio, and introduce him with the things we usually work so hard to conceal, and never show on stage: Practice, doubts, disagreements, wondering thought, confusion, mistakes, and spontaneous or lucky good moments. And Jonathan, being Jonathan, never says no when is asked to explore, agreed, majorly.

It is now three years in the making of “rehearsal”: a piece that trains a composer and a player to make a new piece, So naturally, “Rehearsal” has gone in (too) many forms. When we realized there is a good chance we can carry on rehearsing “Rehearsal” to the end of days, we understood that the rehearsing time was over and it’s about time we invite you to join us along!

And by chance (or not), we feel the covid-19 period, with its quarantine, the social distancing, and the general disruption it causes in our lives is specially adequate to a piece that is somehow turned inside-out.


For upcoming “Rehearsals” and booking a show, please contact by mail,

Thank you.

Rehearsal: a show for a Saxophone player. Narrator and audience
by Ophir Ilzetzki and Jonathan Chazan (2019) 60 min.

“Rehearsal” is the most time-consuming, invested, and substantial project that I was lucky enough to be part of. It is, in a sense, a modern opera for two performers in which its structure, content, and performers are challenged to be alive and constantly improvised within general guidelines. But, of course, the guidelines also change for every rehearsal since the things which fundamentally drive us changes from time to time. So, as we want the show to reflect our inside-out (and we really do), it is only natural; we will adapt ourselves and the show accordingly.

If it sounds confusing, it is since it is so. Still, nevertheless, it is an experience full of “eureka moments,” joy of making, and insights which in a way validated the process to which we intended to be subjected to.

If we intend to undertake an honest and profound process, which yields an honorable artistic outcome – it is only natural we pay substantially for such a ride. It was and always is an immense pleasure to stand up around with Ophir in front of embarrassment and ignorance, not to stray our gaze, see them and us for what we are, to be.