Composer - Player - Audience


“Tfila” is a meditative piece for saxophone, in which the performer is ornamenting a written “thema,” which he plays several times, repeatedly, as he wishes. The saxophone’s sound is then processed in real-time by a computer that creates unity and a multitude of moments. Thus, The experience of the present becomes “proliferated moments,” which holds not only the present but the past and the future aspiration. An aspiration that delivers a feel resembling natural patterned phenomena.

Shai Cohen

The piece can be performed as:

  • Solo piece (without electronics)
  • Solo piece with a tape of 4-8 Pa’s
  • Saxophone and live electronics 4-8 Pa’s, one player or more

For saxophone, Shai cohen (2018)10 min.

The piece “Tfila” is a miracle, which happens (almost) every time I play it, so little is written, such a simple system, yet, so much happens. It is an elegant and humble invitation, like Shai, to bring life in an idea find things of your own in his text.