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Date(s) - November 9, 2022 - November 11, 2022
כל היום


workshop for the HTWG Konstanz

The workshop aims to introduce essential yet professional tools for understanding, evaluating, and making music. It is given that every student has a different “musical bag,” which shapes his unique knowledge and taste. However, there are some key ideas that govern any music discourse, which can be relatively quickly studied, understood, and internalized by practice. The students will learn those “key ideas” by experiencing, practicing given exercises, improvising in an instructed and supportive environment, inventing ideas of their own, interpreting their ideas and ideas of others, and finally, inventing and performing well-taught of new pieces of their own. Hopefully, by the end of this “crash course,” any participant could enrich his musical background, which will allow him to build confidence to further develop and cultivate his personal taste and gain some tools which will allow a constructive dialogue with any professional from the field of music.

Workshop curriculum:
Day 1: How to speak music – tools & means of expression
Day 2: Musical architecture – Theory of structure, building blocks, & relations Day 3: Documentation of music – Sketch – notation – recording

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