Organophone – an organic extension of the saxophone, a modular, ever-evolving music-making platform merging my first instrument (organ) main instrument (Saxophone), and live sound processing into a new instrument and new ways of music making. 

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How it all started?

Like many other endeavors, the idea started off rather abstractly but gradually took shape. Initially, it was a simple hope—to introduce bass or harmony to my saxophone playing. However, I couldn’t quite figure out how until around 2015. That’s when I realized that by establishing a well-functioning system of foot pedals, computer, Max, Ableton Live, and speakers, I could manipulate the harmony and bass layers with my foot.

So, I started saving, got myself the necessary pedals and Ableton Live, and began practicing slowly. Learning to play with my foot, especially as a beginner, while maintaining a balance in my upper body for saxophone playing was a gradual process. As time passed, things began to click. In 2020, something extraordinary happened — I realized I wasn’t just playing a saxophone with pedals; I had created a new kind of instrument, a fresh form of sound, and a novel approach to playing and thinking about music. It was at that moment I became confident that this once-distant dream was not only achievable but also an opportunity that must be seized. This was the moment the Organphone was born.

What is it? How it works

The Organophone Is a tool that extends my musical practice: it allows me to operate the saxophone and a set of live electronic tools controlled by my feet, introducing a new dimension to my instrumentalist practice. Typically, my setup involves one of my saxophones paired with either the pedal keys or a MIDI foot controller. 
This innovative system thrives on its capacity to establish a stable foundation, fostering a gradual process of learning, development, and adjustment, Thus, opens the door to a profound integration between the acoustic instrument and live electronics and the cultivation of new aesthetics and artistic expression.
System built:

1. Foot controller -> PC (max/Abletone) -> Sound card -> Speakers
2. Microphone -> Sound card (live electronics) -> Speakers

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With over twenty years of experience as a teacher and lecturer, I take great joy in sharing knowledge firsthand. I am eager to teach, demonstrate, and assist anyone interested in joining this incredible journey. You don’t need to be an expert instrumentalist, have knowledge of programming or sound design, or possess any specific controller. The only requirements are curiosity and a willingness to embark on this adventure.

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