To whom wish to teach himself (with a little help of a friend)

One day I casually met Hava Ganani, my elementary school mythological school-master; she asked me: “What do you do for a living?” I answered: “I do the same thing you do; I’m an educator!” she couldn’t believe me, and not for nothing, since whoever knows me know I’m not the most conformist dude and will not play by the rules (especially if I can make up better one of my own) and not always nice or inclusive, but as far as it goes for music, its a game I play as hard as I can.

I started teaching in 2003, privately and in Conservatory, amazed I could join the chain of persons I admire: starting from Gan Lev (my saxophone teacher at the time), through Bach (who is said to overcharge his students) to Pythagoras (the “first” musicologist yet surely not the first musician-teacher). Since then, I was lucky enough to teach: second and third graders (individual and groups), children and adolescents in different stages of maturity, advanced-awards & scholarships winning students, ensembles, study for Masters in pedagogy, academic students, other teachers students, other students and also experiment with therapeutic teaching for PTSD and stoke. As years went by, I accumulated insights, Thoughts, and even maybe a bit of “concrete knowledge,” is to say thoughts that proved useful for a long time for some of my students.

On this page, you will find some of those thoughts: arrangements, lessons, peripheral knowledge (thing one better know but mostly disregarded), and also recorded teachings that you can watch and practice with in order to improve your playing technique.

I hope you’ll take a look at what can be of service to you and that it will actually be beneficial, that you’ll learn, enjoy, and be inspired to invent ideas of your own – much better than mine.


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