Bach’s Violin Partitas and Sonatas

Jonathan Chazan
Jonathan Chazan

I have Been playing those pieces for twenty years now, and only lately they stopped “surprising” me and gained some stability. By no means It is to say I love them any less, the contrary. during those years I have been automatically transposing one tone higher from the violin notes, but about a year ago I assumed that by now there should have been available engravings, and so I was lucky to find a pretty nice donner source named Musemister. Then I spent few weeks playing and editing his score to my liking and for a version that is more adequate for saxophone (or any other wind instrument).

* The original key is shifted so it will be possible to play with as few as possible octave drops/rais, and if you wish, you can download it, and edit your version too.

Please enjoy one of the summits of the collosal J.S.BACH

Sonatas and Partitas BWV 1001-1006

If by any chance you have found a mistake/editing error, please inform me so I can correct asap.

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