For Baritone saxophone, Contrabass, and Electronics

“Pinholes” is a cluster of multifaceted works and possibilities. As a whole, it explores the opportunities and implication arises by the adoption of the 29 tones in an octave, including the inevitable effect it has on the performer’s playing, reception, etc.

This cooperation has all sorts of “offsprings” and many versions; each is a pinhole to another insight, a different sandbox to play in, to build something, discover, change, and be someone else.

Eran Sachs

Pinholes for Baritone saxophone, Contrabass, and Electronics
by Eran Sachs (2018)

My encounter with Eran was and still is an exceptional experience, an opportunity to peek to and to experience music-making in a parallel world, which allows Consciousness and a sense of playing and musicking and, of course, a musical result – utterly different from what I was familiar with so far. After a few sessions, in which we discussed ancient models of scales, we agreed that I should check if it is possible to play a specific scale with 29 notes in one octave on any of my saxophones. Two months later, the correct fingering was found on my alto, and then, we thought of trying to play the piece on baritone….

Eventually, we entered to a soundscape that is dominated not by “sounds” and “phrases,” but by extremely precise “sound-events,” delicate, unstable, and as held by an heir strand of our ability to be absolutely fine-tuned and balance – unless, the desired event will be completely absent.

But when it does happen, and it happens quite a lot, it is unparalleled.



Past events:

  1. Tectonics festival 13/12/2018
  2. Teiva Concert 22/4/2019


Not yet performed:

  1. As a modular piece
  2. As a chamber music Gallery piece
  3. As a Gallery piece, the audience has an app version that allows them to explore the space with the performers. 
  4. A performance which includes Yoav’s lecture: The history and politics of scales.