Recording along the years

The sounds emitted and dissolved are not the only thing that matter, but they are undoubtedly the most important thing. In this regard, recordings are strange since they only capture shades of things and post-mortem; when I listen and watch them, I find it hard to recognize the thing’s body. It is not that I do not know what has happened there or to reconstruct the series of events that have eventually led me to play this way or the other. Still, the curtain of time and perspective is heavy and impenetrable to reality, which is a thousand times richer than the flashing pixels and the sound samples. Hance, what lies in front of you is laconic and narrow documentation of things that have been and equally so could have vanished (possibly for the best); nevertheless, since it is, I suggest approaching the recordings as to pictures of courses at a restaurant of a postal of a nice place. Would you mind making an effort and coming to visit in person?  

The division into categories is not by chance, as the existence itself!!! The category Altnue Klang (old-new sound) is more than the name of a show I play (with changing repertoire), but it represents a concept of mine that: we step through a very long corridor of time, and that from different distances, the amount of light (and representation) which arrives from those place reduces according to distance. Of course, if we practice much, i.e., we’ll observe the little light coming from far away; we will see more. Still, the distance is critical since the more we are distanced from the object, the more “mental filler” (predictions and assumptions made by experience and taste) we pour in.

How far are we from the 19th century? Hard to say, however, if, for the sake of scale, we compare ourselves to who we were a decade ago, or to our parents and certainly to our grandparents, probably we have not much to do or in common with the 19th Centurian people. Yet, their music (the notes!) speaks to us so lively. And, therefore, the attempt to bring to life and make it speak – a thing long gone, is a desperate but necessary hope to find a meaningful live connection in the present to the past and maybe see into the future. 

Contemporary Music is music mainly since the post-II-WW era, which in my opinion, I still have a mental connection with, can understand not only what they say, but why they say as they did and how it is relevant to today.

Original aims to all touse things I can’t recall someone else already wrote and said, and I ignorantly and innocently (so I swear) think they are my creation.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. 


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